We'll Bumblef*ck Our Way Through This Together!


Bottom right photo by IndieNate

Top photo and bottom left photos by K.O Photography

Terra Branford from FF:Dissidia, 1st Place Intermediate Hall Cosplay at AnimeBoston 2012

Costume made and modeled by me (Serephita Cosplay)

The bottom right photo has been declined by a group on dA who claims to not discriminate against body types, as long as the costume is flattering and accurate. I am calling bullshit. I’ve seen less accurate costumes accepted to their gallery, where there are blatantly obvious sloppy bits to the costume (bra straps showing, ill fitting, etc), but the cosplayer is thin or pretty. I actually messaged one of the leaders of the group, pointing this out and asking why the photo was declined (it’s well within the guidelines of the group’s submission policies). I’ve been suddenly getting a lot of hate in the last 24 hours for my costumes just because of my size, and frankly it infuriates me more than it probably should. I spent over 200 hours on the beading alone of this costume (there’s over 6,000 Swarovski element crystal beads total), and to have it be declined because people are shallow pricks who don’t know jack about anything, or are biased again plus sized cosplayers after claiming to be accepting? Is a huge slap in the face.

…I don’t usually go off on tangents like this and get on a soap box, but man it just grates my cheese the wrong way to see things like this going on.

I loathe narrow-minded assholes D<

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    Who the fuck cares if you’re plus size, the costume is amazingly beautiful, and it took my breath away the moment I saw...
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    This is the type of shit that keeps people from wanting to cosplay! Bad enough the media is telling us we aren’t good...
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    Man im in love with her dedication and the pics, as a photog myself i would love to have such an amazing model, size...
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    I don’t even know about all the text bits here, but I just saw the photos and though, damn she is beautiful.
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    If you discriminate against cosplayers by their size, then you’re an asshole. End of story.